Regular Communication: Tales of Tuesday & Feedback Friday

TL;DR: Starting this coming week, we’ll be making regular 2 stickied threads on Reddit every week: Tales of Tuesday (LFG Story Thread) and Feedback Friday – Look for them on!

Why? Because, aside from some random posts on Twitter and Reddit, we have been practically silent while we work on the CRAWLR. We came to the conclusion that we needed to change that, thus this idea was born!

Of course, we’ll still post all major updates about the site as usual, but these will be here consistently from now on.

Tales of Tuesday

Goes Live: Tuesdays, 5 p.m. EST
Stickied: Tuesday-Thursday

We, the CRAWLR Crew, want to hear your LFG experiences: the good, the bad, and the strange. Whether it was on CRAWLR, Roll20, or r/lfg, we want to hear your stories!

Our Intentions with This Post
  • Have a fun place to trade stories with our CRAWLRs, both yours and our own. Ask me, Alex, about the Goop and why I will never play Maret Hallowvalor ever again. I probably will because I love doing the voice for him, but holy god was that an…experience.
  • Potentially hear about some of the success stories that our platform has brought you, or learn where we can improve the system through your experiences. Maybe we can find a good testimonial or two, or we can hear how one of our systems have not worked out for you and find ways to improve it going forward.

While this is tangentially looking for feedback in some form, or real hope is to just have fun and talk about the fun and frustrations of the LFG life. We want to learn from your vast array of experiences AND have fun talking to you all!

Feedback Friday

Goes Live: Fridays, 5 p.m. EST
Stickied: Friday-Monday

This is direct and to the point. Have an issue, or anything that may have been bugging you while using CRAWLR? Is there something missing that you were looking for? Maybe a game or feature? This is the place to share any and all thoughts you have about our platform.

  • The first two hours are a dedicated AMA. The CRAWLR Crew will be here to answer any and all questions and have a conversation. You can still expect answers to your questions past the two hour mark, but they will most likely come in batches between work!
  • Share tabletop games that you couldn’t find in our search so we can throw them in there! As comprehensive as we’ve tried to make our list, the TTRPG and TT space is VAST. Please, even if you’re a small or new creator who has a game they’re trying to promote, reach out to us so we can put it in the system.
  • We call upon thee for bug reports, glitches, and frustrations with CRAWLR. We’re dedicated to making an awesome product, but we’re still a small group. If you come across an issue, no matter how small, do not hesitate to share it with us. Every thought counts, and every weird glitch we can remove from the experience makes it all the better.
  • Give us your thoughts on how we can improve the platform! You have your own experiences and history with LFG. Let us know what we can be doing to make it a better experience from every possible angle. Do you have any TTRPG/TT resources that you believe we should promote to users to make the experience more fun and manageable? Let us know!
  • Share your comments, questions, or concerns about all other aspects of CRAWLR. Have something to say about our color scheme? Maybe you have thoughts on how we should market ourselves? Whatever it may be, we want to hear it. Any input is good input right now!

Give Us Suggestions

Like these ideas or want to see more? Let us know here in the comments or over on our subreddit on Feedback Friday!

If you want to magnify your voice and role in the project, and directly help us bring CRAWLR even closer to being fully realized, roll over to our Patreon:

We’re $75.27 away from our $250/month goal, which will help us immensely by covering the basic expenses for CRAWLR, such as hosting fees, server fees, and the sort. Every penny counts, and tiers start at $1!

If you’re unable to support us on Patreon, you can always share our name with your favorite DnD & TTRPG/TT creators!

– Alex, the Social Media Human

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