Jackie Zantow

Jackie Zantow

Creator + Developer of Crawlr

Public Beta Testing, Groups and Forums!

The time has come! Crawlr is officially open to the public for beta testing. 🎉

Additionally, a number of big updates rolled out alongside this change.


Now when you’re logged into Crawlr, you’ll see your profile picture in the right-hand corner of the navigation bar. There’s a drop-down menu for quick access to common functions. Next to it is a message icon to see your most recent messages. If you click your profile picture, you’ll be transported to your profile page. Magic! 


So you’ve found the members of your next campaign — now what? Now, it’s time to group up in Crawlr! You can easily create groups for you and your new friends to chat, share pictures and share links.

There are three different types of groups.

Public – These groups can be seen by everyone on Crawlr, as they’ll be publicly visible in the Group Directory tab. 

Private – The name and description of these groups can be seen by everyone on Crawlr, but membership is on an invite-only basis depending on who you let (or don’t let) into the group.

Hidden – These groups only appear in the “My Groups” tab for you. This will not be visible in the Groups Directory tab for anyone who *isn’t* a member of the group.

Hover over “Groups” in the navigation bar and select “Create New Group” to get started. 


Are you brand new to tabletop RPGs and not sure where to start? Forums is a growing new area of Crawlr that’ll enable the open and free communication of members with one another.

The content here is still in-development, but there are some fairly robust threads on how you can get started in Dungeons & Dragons. Feel free to check it out!

Additionally, there’s a forum specifically for Dungeons & Dragons talk where you can start new threads, plus a general info forum on Crawlr.


Originally, search was done by large city areas. Now, you can filter through users by state or city.

If you live in a rural area, I recommend typing in a nearby urban area or big city to find relevant users.

I’m excited about the future of Crawlr, and I hope you are, too!

All the best,

Jackie Zantow

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