Our Beliefs

Three key pillars back our small company.

Tabletop should be accessible.

There are many different ways to enjoy tabletop and even more games to play.

For us, accessibility means:

  • Welcoming and assisting newcomers.
  • Helping members find comfortable spaces where they can be themselves.
  • Making tools everyone can use, regardless of disabilities or impairments.
  • Kicking the idea of gatekeeping to the curb.

Advancing diversity is a must.

It isn’t enough to simply say “everyone is welcome here” given the exclusionary history of geek culture.

There’s work to do when it comes to the inclusion of: black communities; people of color; LGBTQ+ communities; people with disabilities; and the neurodivergent.

We believe CRAWLR shares in righting this wrong.

People come before profit.

Our members and their data are not cash cows to be traded and sold.

If one feature will make us more money at the cost of ostracizing or underserving any part of our community, then it is not the solution for us.