Important Legal Updates

Hi Crawlr family,

I know that a number of you will be very upset with this update. However, I think that these updates are necessary precautions Crawlr needs to take to ensure the safety of our users moving forward.

Crawlr is a location-based social networking app that encourages users to message one another, ideally setting up a time to play tabletop games with one another in person.

In an ideal world, people meet, have fun, and go on their way after connecting on Crawlr. In the real world, I know that there are those who use social media sites, particularly location-based membership sites like Crawlr, for predatory behavior.

Due to our value proposition and the tools provided, I do not feel it is safe for users under 18 years old to be on Crawlr. On the legal side of things, collecting personally identifiable information (such as name and location) from someone under the age of 18 without consent from a parent or legal guardian is not allowed.

You may be thinking, “But Twitter allows 13 year olds! So does Tinder!” You’re right, and those sites are comfortable with undertaking that liability. The team behind Crawlr is not comfortable with this because our value proposition and offerings are so focused on getting people to meet one another in person.

To those who will have to stop using Crawlr: I understand if you are upset about these changes. I appreciate your passion for tabletop. However, I do not want to be complicit in putting you in a potentially difficult or dangerous position.

This update is part of our now clearly stated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the latter of which is GDPR compliant. Continued use of Crawlr from hereforth indicates compliance with the following:

  1. Users verify that they are at least 18 years old.
  2. Users agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

All new registrations will have to check boxes verifying these statements. All existing users will see a sticky notice on the profile page until they have updated their personal profile to confirm compliance. As stated though, continued use of Crawlr from this point on indicates compliance with these statements.

The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are straight forward. The Terms of Use outlines a rather standard content policy which strictly forbids harassment, hate speech, and other community guidelines you likely abide by on other social networking sites.

Thank you for your continued support of Crawlr and for reading this long update.

All the best,



By Jackie

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