How It Works

Want to join a network of over 19,000 tabletop game enthusiasts?
Here’s the skinny.

1. Create an Account

Joining CRAWLR takes about one minute. Just give us a few key pieces, and you’re ready to roll.

2. Customize It

Time to fill in your details. Options range from the core requirements of game(s), location and time zone while scaling up to information about your lifestyle.

We don’t sell this information. We just keep it in a stash and sit on it. Kind of like a dragon — a data dragon, if you will. Our site mascot, Barney the Bard, guards it.

3. Search for Players

  • Search for nearby players enjoying the same games you are
  • Expand your search to find users in your time zone or beyond
  • Find specific members in the directory

Want to find a dungeon master looking to play online games in your time zone
We’ve got that.

Want to scout for players in a 15-mile radius to join your in-person TTRPG game
Sure thing.

Want a new friend who enjoys your favorite game as much as you do?

4. Start Playing

CRAWLR is a social network that allows you to search for tabletop players, send messages, add friends and create groups. Find your party, group up and go!

Ready to join? Let’s get started!

Due to the meet-up nature of tabletop, you must be 18 or older to join.