Jackie Zantow

Jackie Zantow

Creator + Developer of Crawlr

First Wave Beta Testing is Now Open!

The moment has arrived! The first beta testers are beginning to create their accounts and play around.

As a reminder, beta testing is currently on an invite-only basis. If you want a chance to beta test, please request access to our members-only Facebook Group or contact me directly at jackie@crawlr.app.

You can find the following information on the main beta updates page, but here’s a recap of the upcoming schedule:

  • April 22 — May 5: First Wave Beta Testing
  • May 5 — May 8: Post-Beta Updates #1
  • May 9 — May 16: Second Wave Beta Testing
  • May 17 & Beyond: We’ll see!

I’m uncertain at this time whether or not I will close access to Crawlr during the May 5 — May 8 update window. This will all depend on the amount of feedback I receive and need to address.

Then, I’ll invite more users from expanded DMAs to test Crawlr. Currently, this is focused on the Savannah, GA, region as that is where I am closest.

Thank you for the support so far! It truly means a lot.

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