Changelog Updates

Email Apocalypse

We’ve investigated the email issue that made every user receive any tickets intended for only

Our Findings

  • No malware or attacks were made on the site (confirmed this with our host).
  • No accounts were hacked.
  • No data was leaked. Everything is still safely hashed.
  • The following actions can be securely done without sending all members an email:
    • Change password.
    • Change email address.
    • Receive notifications (new message, group invite, etc.).

Only the manual form submissions being sent to us were impacted.

Here to Help

One user’s email address was displayed in a data deletion request. I will be reaching out to them personally about this.

If your username was displayed in an email (i.e. you were one of the apocalypse tickets), I am happy to help you setup a new account and transfer your information. Please contact

Our Recommendation

  • Change your password, just to be safe.
  • Delete the emails you erroneously received.

Support Tickets, Reporting Users + Requesting Features

Please send these manually from your email address to

Our form submissions are typically very minimal, so I think the best solution for now is to disable the form feature until I can relaunch it with 100% certainty that you won’t all be bombarded.

I sincerely apologize for this issue, and I appreciate everyone’s understanding.

All the best,



By jzantow

Hi! I'm Jackie, the creator of CRAWLR. I enjoy playing magic classes, writing campaigns, and buying way too many dice. You can reach me via email at

13 replies on “Email Apocalypse”

That was hilarious, honestly. Reminded me of when I was in highschool, I shared the same last name as a teacher and started getting their emails. At least this got fixed way faster than then!

It appears that Crawlr emails were going to my junk folder by accident – imagine my surprise!

Honestly I personally found it REALLY entertaining when I saw it. I totally understand the business perspective and it was SUPER embarrassing for you guys, but since nothing sensitive was submitted, it was REALLY entertaining!

Honestly, the fact it was someone with an ‘egg’ in their username just made me laugh. Like, it sucked. It sucked so much. The error actually cost us like, $100 in email fees. But I mean yeah…. ‘this shit broke.’ I mean… IT WAS! haha.

Holy cow, I never would have imagined it had that kind of price tag for the error! Good to know. Ngl, I’m a little more surprised that there weren’t more joke tickets sent in, but I’m sure that’s because someone jumped on that bug REAL quick lol

I didn’t think about the cost fact until after the fact, when I was staring at our email plan (sending emails in mass costs a fair amount of money). First thought was definitely getting it shut down; but yes, grateful we caught it early!

I just found the email, what a weird wild story. I’d forgotten about the app though, so it served as a welcome reminder. Thanks, uh, egg.

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