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Jackie Zantow

Creator + Developer of Crawlr

Crawlr Update Log: 5.19.19

Happy Sunday, Crawlr crew!

Thank you for your patience while I had the site down for maintenance. Not all feedback was addressed (you all have sent in about 400 tickets, so I’ve got more digging to do…), but I made some big updates that *should* address a lot of the repeat feedback I was seeing.


Preferred Pronouns – This field has been added as optional, and you can select as many options as you would like.

Country – The United Kingdom option is gone and has been replaced with the four individual countries it comprises. Additionally, the U.S. territories have been added.

State, Province, Territory or County – Canadian provinces, UK counties and Australian states/territories have been added as options. I’m trying to find a way to make this show up *only* if you need it, but that’s in progress. If this isn’t applicable to you, please select “N/A – Not Applicable.”

Zip Code – This field is visible only to you, and it’s optional. You can edit it from your profile page. Users can search by zip code if desired. If you don’t insert a zip code, you won’t show up in those searches, so this is in your court when it comes to usage.

Languages – There’s a multi-select box for languages.

Roles – Instead of having a billion questions about being a DM, you can sort yourself into a Player bucket, a Dungeon Master/Game Master bucket OR you can check both boxes and show up in searches for both.

Play Preference – You can select in-person, online or both.

Player Type – Torn between hardcore or laidback? I present to you: Somewhere in the middle.

Tabletop Systems – This is still a multi-check box, but you can now select Tabletop Gaming (Non-RPG) as an option.

Tabletop Systems, D&D Editions – You can select more than one edition of D&D.

Other TTRPGs – There’s a multi-select box that lets you select as many (or as few) additional TTRPGs you play. You can search by this in Advanced Search. If you don’t see an option you want, send a message!

Other Tabletop Games – As with the above, there’s a multi-select box that lets you select as many (or as few) tabletop games (non-RPG) that you play. Again, you can search by this in Advanced Search. If you don’t see an option you want, send a message!

Removed: Player Profile – A lot of you raised a great point; when it comes to TTRPG, you don’t always play the same character, and you like to keep it flexible. Instead of adding to the profile building experience, I’ve removed this. If you feel strongly about who or what you like to play, I recommend adding that information to your player bio.

Removed: All the Dang Requirements – There were a LOT of fields marked with an asterisk. I encourage you to fill out your profile, but if you don’t want to do it right away, that’s cool by me. You can always edit your info later.


You’ll notice that “Find Players” is now a drop-down menu. There are three options.

General Player Search – Here, you can search by country, state/province/territory/county, city and/or zip code. Please note you only need to type in one piece of information to do a search. The results info has been truncated so that you can more quickly review a bunch of profiles at once.

Advanced Player Search – The majority of the fine details are available here in drop-down menus. You can put in as many or as few details and perform a search. To view additional information on this advanced search, click the down arrow on a player result card.

Member Directory – This page can still be found in your logged-in menu, but now it’s available in this drop-down menu, too.

I’m nowhere near done with this, but I hope this addresses some of the top concerns. From what I could see in the feedback rolling through, these updates hit on a lot of common themes. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with additional concerns, and be on the lookout for our very own subreddit; a couple of dear friends have offered to help me out with requests and questions from you all, so we’re looking into making the communication waves smoother.

All the very best,


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