Crawlr Space

Is your business gaming-friendly? Apply for Crawlr Space!

Tabletop gaming is unique in the digital age in that many players still opt for an in-person experience. Meeting up, either regularly or for the very first time, can justifiably create anxiety and a question of safety. Sure, you’ve talked online, maybe even video chatted one or twice, but do you really want your first session together to be in a stranger’s home?

Introducing: Crawlr Space


This new program invites gaming-related businesses to mark themselves as good, safe places to meet up and game. It’s free to apply, and if you’re approved, you’ll receive a free Crawlr window cling for your storefront (US-only)* plus a free listing on our soon-to-be-launched Crawlr Space directory.

This isn’t about making money for Crawlr; we just want to help our community readily find places they can safely gather.

Note: Due to international shipping costs, only businesses within the United States are applicable to receive a free window cling at this time. 

Apply for Crawlr Space