Say hello to CRAWLR 2.0.

We look a just a little bit different from before, huh?

2.0 introduces a number of new and requested features alongside
tweaks to existing features.


We’re thrilled to unveil our new logo and site interface. Many of you commented that the previous design was too colorful and low contrast — we agree!

  • Increased contrast by using classic white and black.
  • Introduced a dark mode toggle.
  • Revised the logo to be more understandable and ownable.

Oh, we’re now ~fancy and go by all caps so that you know we mean business… or something.

Revamped Search Functionality

We addressed a few large requests.

  • Local Search: Members can now use an interactive map to find relevant players in their area without having to input cities or zip codes one at a time. Results will update as you drag your cursor around the map.
  • Time Zone Search: This allows you to find non-local players that would be able to play games according to your schedule.
  • Sort results by newest users or last login.

New Pages

  • Get Started – This guide is tailored for CRAWLR newcomers.
  • Our Beliefs – We outline the three key pillars that motivate us.
  • How It Works – An overview for non-registered users who are curious what the site does.

Navigation Menu Reorganization

The new navigation menus feature larger text and more streamlined options. It’s also more navigable for users with only a keyboard.

Revised Group Sorting System

The former Group sorting system was extremely limited, and, honestly, useless. We’ve updated the Categories system. You’ll need to manually input these changes to your existing groups, should you so choose.

Revised Categories
  • DM/GM Seeking Players notes that you have an adventure lined up and you’re looking for players to join you.
  • Players Seeking a DM/GM is the inverse of the above. If you’re a party who needs a leader, use this category!
  • Looking for Tabletop Group (Non-RPG) allows for easier searching of groups of people who want to group up together to play non-RPG games.
  • Group Chat is just that — a Group Chat. You’ll likely want to use this for Private or Hidden chats meant for only you and your friends.
  • Just for Fun is self-explanatory. Likely best for Public groups.
Revised Tags
  • Game genres are listed here so that you can pair them with the appropriate category. For example, you might be seeking or creating a non-RPG tabletop group interested in Lovecraftian games.

Expanded Profile Details + Tagging System

Many of you requested more ways to show your individuality and needs when it comes to finding a group. 2.0 delivers on this in spades.

Your user profile now offers five customizable tabs: About; Personal Details; Game Library; Game Environment; and Sensitive Topics. All but the primary About tab are optional (your profile section is also wider, too!).

Many of them incorporate a new user tagging system. This helps key information be more quickly identifiable so that there are less comma-separated lists.

Minor Additions to Profile Header
  • Online dot will appear next to users who are currently active.
  • Age, time zone, location and last login appear under your nickname.
  • You have the option to select an image from Unsplash when updating your header photo.

You’re familiar with this tab from the previous version, but we’ve streamlined its organization so that you can better highlight who you are as a player.

  • You can add a Nickname that defines you across the site versus relying solely on your Username.
  • Date of Birth is now required. You won’t be able to see users’ specific birth dates, but their age will show up in search results and on their profile.
  • Added in editions to common RPG systems. You can still select just the main title of the series if you want to show up in results for any edition.
  • Experience Level was simplified.
  • Preferred Game Genres is a new field that speaks for itself.
  • Play Style is a new field to help users understand what attitude you would bring to the table.
  • Availability (Days and Hours) lets you list your general availability.
  • Time Zone and Location were both rolled out late in 1.0, and they’re now required fields.
Personal Details

This new tab makes room for details about yourself that extend beyond your tabletop interests.

  • The “More About Me” field fulfills a common request to add broad callouts for LGBTQ+ members, members of color, and/or those who are neurodivergent (such as being autistic). Many other tags are available!
  • Additionally, there are two private sections for Sexuality and Gender, and Race. Only you and your friends can view these fields. More information is listed above the “edit” field on this tab.
  • Users can explain why they’re on the site and link out to social media or other websites.
Game Library

You might not want to list EVERY game you have on the about section to keep it from being un-cluttered, but we did want to provide an optional area under Game Library.

  • This new section allows you to input all of your games. Titles listed here will also enable you to show up in searches IF a user manually types it into the search box. This is to keep it so you’re only showing up in common searches if you’re serious about playing that game with others at this time.
  • You can link out to a digital game library, if you keep one updated. These links do NOT populate those titles into our search index.
Game Environment

Whether you’re playing online or in-person, you likely have musts and must nots about the gameplay environment.

  • The top text area lets you expand upon your responses in the form beneath it.
  • A number of commonly divisive subjects that can come into play are pre-populated. For example, you could click “Not Allowed” under “Alcohol” to indicate that you do not want to attend a session where others are drinking.
  • Additionally, there are fields that help you list any physical space requirements you may have, such as being near public transport or ensuring the game area is wheelchair accessible.
Sensitive Topics

This tab is likely most relevant to our roleplaying gamers, but we recommend non-RPG tabletop members also review it. Here, you can express your willingness (or unwillingness) to interact with commonly sensitive topics, such as sexual assault, racism or gore.

The form uses the stoplight system; green equals good to go, yellow indicates pre-emptive discussion is needed and red draws a hard line not to cross.

For privacy from the general user pool, only you and your friends may view this tab.

The topics and formatting here were provided by Monte Cook Games. Their site offers a free, downloadable and editable version of this form.

What’s Been Removed
  • Forums. Its capabilities were restrictive and therefore mostly unused. We did not have the resources to actively monitor threads, so we opted to ax this feature in favor of focusing efforts elsewhere.
  • The billion little location fields that still kept the search limited. We’re sure you’re heartbroken about this one.

This is a long changelog, but we wanted to fill you in on all the changes!

If there’s anything you would like to see added or updated, please reach out to us at

Thanks for hanging in there with us!

Extra special thanks to our Patreon supporters at the time of this post:

Gregory R., Justin L., JohnFizzy, Christopher G., Vasily K., Alex N., Christopher P., Brock L., Morgs R., Kayla F., Courtney K., Scruffi, Mathew R., Jason B., Jacob H., Felicia M., Bobby G., Kate-Alice K., Sam, Justin G., Jamie D., and Phillip T.H.

If you’d like to help us keep doing our thing + grow even more, please consider supporting us.

xo – Jackie

PS – Merch store is getting its makeover later this week.


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