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Currently, Crawlr is a web-based mobile application that connects tabletop RPG players with one another. No more sifting through thousands of forum threads or irrelevant social media posts to find your next campaign — Crawlr puts the info you need to know in your hand.

Crawlr is an in-progress project that began as a thesis project in May 2019.

At this time, we are open for beta testing!

Check out our FAQ here.

Our Team



Jackie Zantow-Schwartz
Creator + Developer

Although her day job involves social media marketing, Jackie created Crawlr as part of her thesis project in grad school. 

She’s partial to magic classes when she’s not writing her own campaigns to DM.



Alex Nichols
Social Media Human

Alex’s whole life can be broken down to three core pillars: social media, over-enthusiasm, and a love for all things fantasy + sci-fi.

When he isn’t working, he’s thinking about how he could be working.

Looking for support? Please reach out to our crew at support@crawlr.app.

Want to Help?

Learn more about supporting our Patreon, donate via PayPal or look into assisting with some necessary skills via Help Crawlr.